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About Us

We have operated in the legal services business for many years, supporting large corporations, SMEs, micro-enterprises, and individual clients.

In that period, we have succeeded in attracting a large group of loyal clients, building an excellent team and gathering extensive experience, which is necessary to operate in this area.

We provide comprehensive service in commercial, civil, administrative and labour law. We also have substantial experience in matters concerning the collection of debts.

Our expertise is in handling court cases involving contested claims.


Legal support for corporations, SMEs, microbusinesses and individuals.

At present we are working for numerous businesses - forwarding, transport, service, retail, production, real estate and other sectors.
However, we are constantly looking for new fields for development.





There are times in the life of every person when we need good advice that comes from a lawyer. In such situations, empathy is as important as professionalism. They are like two sides of the same coin. We understand this very well; therefore, do not hesitate to call us if you have any legal problems. Our approach to every case is custom-made as we look for optimum solutions.


We have worked for the TSL sector since the establishment of our Law Office. We provide comprehensive advice for road, air and railway transport operators and forwarders as well as for domestic and international shipping companies. We also support drivers and clients of services rendered by carriers and forwarders.
We prepare and give opinions in matters related to transport. We draw up and edit regulations of rendering services and contract forms. We provide our clients with advice on complaints. We formulate and give opinions on agreements. We represent our clients in disputes concerning employment and damages. We handle matters against insurers. We recover debt.


We create a concept and a strategy of how to manage every dispute in court individually. We represent our clients in civil, commercial, administrative, collection and injunctive relief cases.
We have collaborated with numerous businesses for years, collecting their current debts and handling their disputes. Our substantial practice has enabled us to improve our working methods. We can serve about 700 cases at the same time. Our clients are informed of the progress of their case on an on-going basis in weekly reports available on our website.
We focus on the timely progress of court cases; therefore, we collaborate with e-courts and other fast courts in Poland as well as reputable bailiffs (court officers).


We provide comprehensive legal assistance to persons injured in road accidents, at work, in farming accidents and due to medical malpractice. We help in claiming damages from perpetrators of such incidents and from their insurers.
We provide all legal services in a damage liquidation process; starting from indicating the necessary documentation and evidence that needs to be collected by our client, through assistance in estimating the value of compensation and filing a claim for liquidation, to handling appeal proceedings if the insurer refuses to pay compensation.
We represent our clients out of court and in court.

Legal services for the TSL sector


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